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Portada Productos Adelgazamiento corporal con criolipolisis
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Cryolipolysi fat freezing + Cavitation +RF (M7)

Cryolipolysi is non-invasive fat removal procedure.
It is the cooling of subcutaneous fat cells, which induces lipolysis and the breaking down of the fat cells without damaging any of the surrounding tissues or skin. Cryolipolysi works to reduce fat in specific areas of body and is most commonly used on stomach and back.

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Product Description

Product Application

Fat freezing
Body Slimming
Body shaping
Weight loss

Product Parameters

Screen 10-inch Touchable
Language English/any language you want……
Program Body slimming/shaping
Weight Loss
Cavitation energy 50J/cm2
RF energy 50J/cm2
Handle 2 Pieces work at same times
Power 1000w
Output Vaccum pressure 0-110KPa
Freezing temp -10 °C~10°C
Treatment time 90mins
Water pump 1 Pieces
Vacuum pump 2 Pieces
Filter cups 2 Pieces
Weight 60KG

Product Advantages

1. 10.4 inch big touch screen.
2. 4 different size cryo handles can work together : different size handle for different body parts.
–2 cooling peltier on both handle sides.
–2 water flow and temperature sensors are in the middle location under the cooling peltier. More accurate monitoring of temperature
–imported Japan cooling peltier, high quality
–470nm blue light, ,speed up the blood circulation and oxygen to increase activity,reduce the skin swelling in the freezing treatment
–Small size handle for double chin and other smaller body parts:
3.Control panel system designed and produced by ourselves. It can control the whole software and make the device working very well.
4. The handle is made of soft food grade silicone, easy to recover after deformation, to ensure a more comfortable treatment.
5. 4 pcs Vacuum pump can gurantee a strong stable suction, one pump only work for one handle.
6. 4 filters for filtering the liquid ,make the inside of the handle non blocking.
7. Best ODM&OEM services, so clients can customize own unique colors and change system languages.

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